Making Math fun! The School of Numbers (Hawkins)

#TheSchoolOfNumbers #NetGalley

Do you know a child who loves Math? Do you know one who doesn’t but you would like to change that? Both kinds of kids may very well enjoy this book that makes Math fun.

The book opens with a “Letter of Acceptance to the Starship Infinity Astro Academy” and invites your Cadet to “Prepare to Join Us as We Explore the Cosmos and Discover Some Mathematical Marvels.” Guided by the team, children will learn about topics including prime numbers, square roots, decimals, geometric shapes, graphs and charts, probability and much more. There are 40 lessons in all.

Throughout the text there are appealing, bright illustrations. Children move through three terms at the academy, after which they graduate.

This book will make math intriguing and encourage learning. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for taking me on this journey. All opinions are my own.

What’s a Percentage?

Term 1 Getting the Knack of Numbers

Welcome to Term 1, new cadets! As part of our first term aboard the Starship Infinity we will be learning all about numbers, and how we can use them in all sorts of useful ways.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony

Well done, cadets. You’ve reached the end of your third and final term at the Astro Academy, which means you’re ready to become official crewmembers of the Starship Infinity. It’s time to celebrate your achievements at our graduation ceremony – congratulations!

Maths is a living, breathing subject. It may seem that the experts have all the answers, and that there’s not much more to find out. But the more we discover about maths, the world and the cosmos, the more we realise how much there still is to learn. Mathematicians today are grappling with many big questions, such as what is the next largest prime number, how big is infinity, and what is the shape of the universe?

Your voyage of mathematical discovery is by no means over – it’s only just beginning!

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