A girl who grew, overcame adversity and prospered. Oprah Winfrey, Run the Show Like a CEO (Moss)

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This is an inspiring biography for kids. It features many quotes and wonderful illustrations that appear to be made, in part, from cut paper.

In our celebrity obsessed culture, it is easy to think that someone who is successful has always been successful or has had a life without struggle. This gives a false sense about how to succeed and about important values.

Now, many know Oprah for the wide platform that she has…from TV, her book club, her school in Africa, etc. But she was once a little girl who felt alone as she moved among her grandmother, mother and father. How did she come to believe in herself? What lead to her success and what lessons can be learned from it? Read the book to find out more.

In my opinion, this is a great biography for kids. They will learn a lot about Oprah and may also begin to develop their own dreams. Told simply and factually and not avoiding issues like racism, this is a well researched biography.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this excellent read. I learned things that I had not known. All opinions are my own.


Oprah’s Early Childhood: The Little Preacher

Chapter 1 Oprah’s Early Childhood: The Little Preacher

Oprah Winfrey sat on the steps outside her grandmother’s farmhouse in Kosciusko, Mississippi, inspecting the dress she had been given to wear that morning. She was only four years old, not even old enough to go to school, but she knew she was different from the other children she would see in town and at church.

First Black News Anchor in Nashville

Chapter 4 The First Black News Anchor in Nashville

At the end of high school, Oprah started working at radio WVOL, a local black station where the managers and producers liked her so much that they asked her to continue to work for them during her time at the University of Tennessee. This was a big deal. Usually college students are not old enough or experienced enough to do professional jobs until they graduate with a degree in order to be qualified. But as we already know, many adults saw potential in Oprah, just like her grandmother Hattie Mae did.

Giving Back

Chapter 10 Giving Back

Oprah could not keep up the pace of her professional life forever. In 2010, she felt that it was time to say goodbye to The Oprah Winfrey Show. A voice deep inside of her told her that she had done everything she could there and it was time to leave. People were so sad, and so many tried to convince her to stay on the air forever, but Oprah did what she did best – she listened to herself…

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