Love, chocolate, Paris…what more could you dream of? The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris (Colgan)

This book will be published in the summer and is a welcome re-issue of a title by Jenny Colgan. This author’s novels are always involving and heart warming.

In this one, Anna (who works in the chocolate industry in England) suffers a freak accident. While recuperating, she reconnects with her old French teacher, Claire. Claire encourages Anna to go to Paris where Anna takes a position in a very different chocolate business. Anna’s ups and downs form part of the story. The other and equally engaging story is Claire’s. The reader learns about the choices she made when younger and her feelings about them.

Jenny Colgan writes novels that tug at the heart strings and leave readers feeling satisfied. That is certainly the case in this novel.

Many thanks to Sourcebooks and NetGalley for a lovely time in Paris. All opinions are my own.

From Booklist

Set mostly in Paris and intertwining two main voices, this sweet confection by best-selling Colgan (Amanda’s Wedding, 2001) is heartwarming and funny. Anna Trent is 30 when she is bizarrely injured at her job in a chocolate factory in the north of England. Her difficult hospital recovery is only brightened by the unexpected presence of her high-school French teacher, Claire, who harbors memories of the path not taken in her youth. Recognizing in Anna a kindred spirit who needs prodding to fully embrace life, Claire suggests Anna take a job with a renowned chocolatier in Paris, the larger-than-life Thierry Girard. Anna travels to Paris and discovers an eye-opening world. As Anna alternately stumbles and soars through her new days, her story unfolds alongside Claire’s, who had her own Parisian adventure in 1972. Romantic love and loss outline each character’s story as she painfully yet fully grows from her experiences. Delightful and compassionate, this will resonate with readers of women’s fiction. Chocolate recipes from the author, listed in the back of the book, add to its charm. –Julie Trevelyan

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