How do babies work? Burp, Spit & Fart (Garstecki and Monroe)

#BurpSpitFart #NetGalley

This book will be a welcome addition to family bookshelves.  With its cartoon like illustrations, facts and humor it help young children to understand how babies develop.  The book is full of facts and in no way talks down to children.   Older siblings will most likely enjoy this look at babies and how they operate.  It reminds them that all that babies do is not perfect and that they can do things infants cannot.

A quote:

But a new baby can be kind of gross too.  They don’t do much except sleep and cry.  Then they burp and poop in public and don’t even get in any trouble….you’ll be ready to help the baby in your life grow up to be as awesome as you.

The author goes on to explain the reasons babies cry, how their sleep cycle operates and much more. Young children may especially enjoy the sections on burping, hiccuping and “the poop detectives.”

Children then see how babies become co-ordinated enough to mouth everything and even to put things in their noses (that don’t belong there).  They then see babies become more upright and engaging.

Finally, there are sections about how important older brothers and sisters are.  They are helpers and role models.  Following the end of the book, there is a helpful glossary.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this entertaining and informative look at infancy to toddlerhood.  All opinions are my own.


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