Exploring the world: Amazing Expeditions (Ganeri)

This is such an appealing book for kids interested in maps and exploration! It charts journeys that expanded knowledge of the world, starting in ancient times and continuing to the modern era. Each two page spread is lavishly illustrated and easy to follow. The route of the traveler and facts about the things seen are so interesting.

The book starts with some good information on exploration, then moves on to describe how to read and use the maps. Then the journeys begin. Just some of the explorers included are Hanno the Navigator (a very early explorer), Ibn Battuta (a devout Muslim), Cortez, Cook, and Peary. There are also several women!

The book is politically correct as it, for example, commenting on the controversy around Columbus. Additionally, the author points out that some expeditions, such as Amelia Earhart’s, end tragically but nonetheless are noteworthy.

I learned a lot while reading this book. The world is there for each of us to explore!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. I very much enjoyed my armchair travels. All opinions are my own.

#AmazingExpeditions #NetGalley

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