Recently published: 365 ways to beat stress (Gordon)

Stress is a popular topic these days. Stress comes at us from many directions at, what sometimes feels like, an ever increasing velocity. There may be family issues, work problems, school struggles, etc. or you may just have a personality that is vulnerable to stress. For any of these, this book may be helpful.

This book is organized into sections and subsections. A few examples:

Morning (section) has subsections including Waking Well, Starting the Day and Breakfast

The Peaceful Home (section) includes Light, Shade and Colour, Managing Your Spaces, Positive Energies, The Feel Good Home, Outside and Your Neighborhood

and one last example

Evenings (section) which includes Winding Down, Looking Back-Looking Forward and Off to Bed

Within each of these areas there are short, simple things to ponder such as Forget Yesterday’s Mistakes, Create a Personal Affirmation and Call Yourself from Home (leaving a positive message that you will listen to when you arrive at work).

This book may be read in order or dipped into at random. It provides some good suggestions for living comfortably.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.

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