A summer read: The Lemon Tree Hotel (Ley) #TheLemonTreeHotel #NetGalley

Once the warm weather arrives, I start thinking about summer fiction; for me, that means the books that will provide me with escape.  The Lemon Tree Hotel is a good read in this category; the setting in the Cinque Terre region of Italy comes to life and I would certainly love to spend some time at a hotel like The Lemon Tree.

The story is about a grandmother, Chiara, who runs the hotel that her parents ran and loved after WWII.  She did not marry her childhood sweetheart, Dante, and is in a marriage that lacks warmth.  When Dante returns, what happens?

Chiara’s daughter, Elene, runs the food side of the hotel.  I most definitely wanted to sit on the terrace and eat anything that she  prepared.  Elene is one of those characters who is seemingly set in her ways from a young age.  How will she grow, if at all?

Elene’s daughter, Isabella is at the hotel desk.  She has a warm relationship with Chiara but not so much with her mother.  Isabella gets to know a visitor to the Lemon Tree from Germany.  What is he doing there?  Is it related to WWII?  Will he and Isabella find love?

If you are a reader who reads women’s fiction and would like to answer these questions, travel to the Lemon Tree.  Let me know if you enjoy your vacation.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this e galley in exchange for an honest review.

Advance Praise

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