E-book bargain. The Lost for Words Bookshop

The Lost for Words Bookshop: A Novel by [Butland, Stephanie]$2.99

My review:

When I saw the cover for this book, I thought that it would be a typical, light, women’s fiction read. That is not the case at all! This book is much more than that. Protagonist Loveday, who does work in a bookshop, is a unique, idiosyncratic, hurt young woman who does not trust easily. There are reasons for this as the reader learns. She is tattooed with quotes from her favorite novels, has a painful backstory, is bright and someone the reader hopes for. All of the characters from Nathan, to Rob, to Annabel, to Archie, to Loveday’s family are vividly portrayed and each has an important role in her life. This book is definitely worth reading in my opinion. I was inspired to look for the author’s other novels upon completing this. Thanks NetGalley and St. Martin’s for this excellent read.

3 thoughts on “E-book bargain. The Lost for Words Bookshop

  1. Great review, Joyce. You and I think along the same lines when it comes to books. I also was greatly surprised as Loveday’s story unfolded, I enjoyed the twists and turns of her life. While I like the bookcover, I do think sometimes the illustrations do a disservice to the actual story within. Cheers, Gretchen.

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