Recently published: The Dictionary of Difficult Words (Solomon)

This is a dictionary, but not a typical one.  It is designed for children who are intrigued by words or who could use something to help them to become more interested in words and reading.  Appealingly illustrated and wisely selected, the entries are entertaining and informative.

The author playfully suggests ways to read the book.  A few examples include back to front, front to back, by opening to a random page, etc.  The idea is that exploring words should be intriguing.  Before getting started, there are a couple of helpful sections; one describes the parts of speech and another offers hints for decoding some words (for example phile referring to loving something).

The words themselves are appealing.  Some, even if arcane, I knew while others I came across for the first time.  Often difficult to pronounce or spell, the child who learns them will feel mighty clever!

This book deserves its place in homes and schools.  It is a perfect book to browse through and enjoy.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this  informative book.  All opinions are my own.



There are records of funambulists from ancient times. Famous ancient Roman authors wrote about the funambulist performances they attended. Illustrations from this period show funambulists gracefully walking across tightropes while doing difficult tasks, like playing musical instruments.



An artist might create a replica of a painting they love in order to understand how that work was made. This can help them learn new techniques for their own paintings.

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