Now out: Days Out Underground (Naldrett)

In my opinion, this is a very cool book! It is perfect for travelers to Britain who would like to have unique experiences. The author of this book has visited 50 underground sites across the British Isles. He has organized the book by regions including The North, The Midlands, The Southeast, The Southwest, Wales and Scotland. You can vicariously visit sites related to WWII, a mining museum, caverns, Churchill’s War Rooms, The Roman Baths, King Arthur’s Labyrinth and so much more.

The author has a knack for bringing each of these locations to life. Each entry includes helpful information such as location, hours, website information, etc. Each place described has additional sections including Spotlight and Going Deeper. Furthermore, the photographs throughout truly enhance the text.

When I finished browsing this book, I so wanted to be starting a vacation. You will want to as well.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a unique travel guidebook. I enjoyed it.


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