For those with sky high dreams: Amelia Earhart (Prentice and Smith) #FirstNamesSeries #NetGalley

This  book is the first in a new series.  The story of Amelia Earhart is told in a combination of straight text and more cartoon like illustrations.  Children who want to learn about living one’s dream or who are interested in aviation or women’s history, will enjoy this chapter book.

The story starts with young Amelia aka Millie’s early years.  She was not like the other girls that she knew; Amelia wanted to dress as she wished and to have adventures.  At times, she did not fit in.  Amelia was also plagued by issues in her family.  While her father loved her, he had his own struggles with unemployment and alcohol.  Nonetheless, he tried to help Amelia to do the things that she wanted.

Before taking to flying, Amelia witnessed the plight of WWI veterans and did nursing.  She enrolled at Columbia University where she hoped to study medicine.  However, when her family needed her, she returned to California.  It was there that she took her first flight and, as we know, over time became a part of history.  Amelia’s accomplishments were great.  The mystery of her last flight has still not been solved.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this interesting read in return for an honest opinion  I now know more about this famous aviatrix than I did.



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