Some e book bargains for June 10, 2019

$2.99 today

My review:

When I was a child, watching The Wizard of Oz was a yearly family tradition. Armed with snacks, thanks to my father, we settled in to watch, be scared by those flying monkeys, see the world go from black and white to technicolor and hear Somewhere Over the Rainbow. But wait! Did L. Frank Baum write that song? No spoiler, he did not. So…how was this movie made? Who were the actors behind it and who were Mr. and Mrs. (Maud) Baum? You can find answers while reading this delightful historical novel.

There is familiarity as favorite characters are met on the set of the movie. Maud worked hard to have a presence there and to be true to the author’s intentions for the work. She also gets to know Judy Garland and comes to understand her history, emotions and pressures.

Behind and around this, the novel tells the story of Maud and Frank. I learned so much! For example, Maud’s mother was a committed suffragette and Aunt Susan (B. Anthony) was well known to the family. I also read about Maud’s experience as one of the early female students at Cornell. Meeting Frank, getting married, Franks’ biography, struggling…all of this is present in this book.

Finding Dorothy is an excellent historical novel. Follow the road to it!

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this e galley in exchange for an honest review.

$2.99 today

This Could Change Everything: The uplifting romantic comedy of the summer

My review:


ou can decide whether you prefer the British or U.S. cover for the latest novel by Jill Mansell. Either way, this book is recommended for those who enjoy women’s fiction with engaging and endearing characters, a few plot lines, and confusion until, at last, order (and relationships) are restored.

In this one, Essie thinks that she has it all. She is in love with and living with a partner whose flaws and family she excuses. However, the relationship breaks up when a private document is seen by far too many. So…no relationship, no home and Essie must regroup. She finds a place to live with an elderly woman in return for household help. Zillah is a force to reckon with. She teaches Essie a lot about life.

Essie has a prior history with bar owner, Lucas. She is now his employee. Clearly there is an attraction but can their relationship work out? Even if you think that you know the answer, you will enjoy the getting there.

There are several other main characters including Essie’s best friend, Scarlett, photographer Conor, Essie’s brother, Lucas’s girlfriend, Alice (who knew Zillah many years ago)…enough to keep you busy.

A truly appealing part of this novel told of how Zillah, Conor and Essie made the dreams of those in hospice care come true. The stories are touching. I only wish that such services really existed.

All in all, Ms Mansell comes through yet again. Add this to your beach reads this summer and enjoy!Thank you NetGalley and Sourcebooks!

$1.99 for one I have not read but that looks interesting.

Promise: A Novel






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