Classic Mystery: The Murder at the Vicarage (Christie)

The Murder at the Vicarage: A Miss Marple Mystery (Miss Marple Mysteries Book 1)This week, my Women Who Sleuth class, went 1930’s classic. We read The Murder in the Vicarage, the first novel to feature one of the most beloved and well-known of sleuths, Jane Marple. Miss Marple is the quintessential small village, gossip who observes carefully and restores order as she reveals “whodunnit.”

This novel, about the murder of the despised Colonel Protheroe, has a plethora of suspects. Was the murderer the artist? The widow? The daughter? The curate? The vicar or his wife? You can pit your skills against Miss Marple’s and see if you can solve the case.

This is a classic village mystery in which the reader becomes immersed in daily life. The author even provides maps of key location for your reading pleasure.

Some mystery aficionados declare that Agatha Christie’s novels are dated. Personally, I enjoy visiting St. Mary Mead. I think you might enjoy a visit or re-visit there too. Let me know!

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