Updated tales: The Big Book of Twisted Fairy Tales (Nicholson) #TheBigBookOfTwistedFairyTales #NetGalley

This gleefully illustrated book offers four interrelated stories. There is one about Cinderella, another about “Sleepy Beauty,” one about Jack and the Beanstalk, and finally a story featuring Snow White. Each tale is centered on a virtue; included are kindness, responsibility, honesty and teamwork. At the end of each story is a section with questions and activities.

The stories here are not really twisted. They are more updates and lessons in citizenship for preschoolers that are told without preaching. I can easily imagine them being ready during “circle time.”

Both children and adults who are familiar with the original fairy tales may enjoy this update. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the e galley in exchange for my honest review.

Two examples….

Cinderella’s Ballet Shoes

Cinderella’s Ballet Shoes

Once Upon A Time…there was a misty blue mountain. Below the misty blue mountain was a wild, dark forest and by the wild, dark forest was a village. The village had a stream and a duck pond and an old red apple tree and it was home to Cinderella and her fairytale friends. Cinderella lived with her dad, stepmother, and two little stepsisters, Ruby and Pearl.

Wake Up, Sleepy Beauty!

Wake Up, Sleepy Beauty!

Beauty lived with her mom and dad in the grandest house in the village. Beauty was kind but sometimes she could be a little bit lazy. For her birthday, Beauty really wanted a pony. Beauty’s mom and dad weren’t sure. “Having a pony is a BIG responsibility,” warned her parents. “It will be a LOT of work—you’ll have to feed it and groom it and keep its stable clean.” “I’ll get up early to look after it,” said Beauty. “I PROMISE!”


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