Now out: Ask a Scientist (Winston)

Ask A Scientist: Professor Robert Winston Answers 100 Big Questions from Kids Around the World!This book was written by a grandfather who wanted to be a scientist from a young age. He has also spent time in schools and it shows. He is keyed in to ways to answer kids questions with just the right amount of detail.

In this book, our scientist answers 100 questions that children have posed. Some examples include the following: How does Velcro stick? When did time begin? Why does ice cream melt? How do we get taller? Why does our hair turn grey when we get older? How does the moon affect the tides of the sea?

As you can see this book is encyclopedic in scope. It is broken down by questions in fields including chemistry, the human body, physics, natural science, the earth and space. To help keep the reader engaged there are colorful illustrations throughout.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this excellent resource for young (and older) scientists. I learned a lot!

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