Get out and enjoy nature: Forest Club (Hirschmann) #ForestClub #NetGalley

I loved this book that encourages children and adults to get out and enjoy nature.  As noted in the foreword, “discovering the natural world should be a part of every childhood.”  This cannot be overstated in my opinion.  Now, enjoy the summer, get away from the devices and see all that the world has to offer with this book as your guide.

The book is divided by seasons, starting with summer and ending with spring. In each section, there are ideas of things to observe in nature from trees, to flowers, to critters and more.  There are also lots of suggested activities.  A few examples:


Leaf types, What’s in a Leaf?, Leaf rubbings, the Forest at Night


Danger! Poison!, Nut Collecting, Fungi and Lichen, Migration


Below the Ice, Slowing Down, Winter Treasures


Signs of Spring, Sprouting Seeds, Flower Pressing, Rivers, Streams and Creeks.  Also, Twig Racing, Plaster Casting

The text is illustrated in a most appealing way.  The color palette changes with each season.

I highly recommend this book.  Thanks to NetGalley the publisher for this read in return for an honest review.

Five stars *****

From the publisher:


You need not be an expert to encourage a love of nature in children.

In fact, it’s best to adopt a learner’s mind-set, one of questioning and curiosity, and make time and space for a child’s natural sense of wonder to develop. Carving out unstructured time to observe nature is one of the greatest gifts we can give the children in our lives. May this book inspire many happy hours of doing “not much”—and everything—in nature together!

f6Weather comes and goes; the seasons cycle on. By shifting our thinking, we can nurture a nature connection in a variety of settings and without the help of a formal program. When families come together through a forest club or school, they create a sense of community and routine connected with nature play.

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