Be separate, be together: Red Yellow Blue (Mullady) #RedYellowBlue #NetGalley

Red Yellow Blue is part of the book series published by the American Psychological Association.  These titles are designed to both entertain and teach children about their worlds.  Each has a helpful section for adults at the end of the book.

In this one, Red is very busy being red.  He is quite possessive of all of the red things that surround him.  When Yellow approaches and talks about what they could do together (think orange…pumpkins, etc.), Red is not interested and wants to preserve his territory.  Yellow proceeds to enjoy spending time with Blue and, yes, they make lovely green things together including, broccoli, leaves and frogs.  By the end of the book, Red no longer wants to be alone and the three colors together create a beautiful sunset.

As you can see, this book can be read and understood on different levels.  Children can learn about primary and secondary colors.  They can also think about spending time with those who are not like themselves and how this is enriching.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read in exchange for an honest review.

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