Let’s go bird watching: Urban Aviary (Moss)

The author of this book encourages city dwellers to think of an urban jungle in positive terms; rather than as a difficult place, to consider the number of birds that live in this habitat. After an informative introduction, this book tells about the birds that one might see. Each two page spread describes an avian creature and features a painted illustration. The quality of the artwork is good and the narratives are packed with information. As a city dweller, I feel motivated to learn more and think that you will be too if you read this book.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.

4/5 stars.

#UrbanAviary #NetGalley

From the publisher:





Some birds are simply more charismatic than others, and so seem to capture the public imagination. One such bird is the bald eagle, America’s national bird.


Waxwings are wonderfully unpredictable birds. In some years, tens of thousands cross the North Sea and arrive along the east coast of England and Scotland; in others years, only a handful do so.


As Europe’s second smallest owl (only the diminutive pygmy owl is smaller), the little owl is about the size of a starling, though it weighs more than twice as much due to its powerful, stocky build. Despite its small size, the little owl is more easily seen, unlike most other members of its family, being largely diurnal in its habits, hunting mainly around dawn and dusk.

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