A wonderful biography with loads of Photos: Clementine Churchill, A Life in Pictures (Purnell)

I admired both Sonia Purnell and Clementine Churchill even before I was (fortunately) approved by NetGalley for this book on Clementine Churchill . I learned so much from the biography written by Ms. Purnell. This book reiterates many important elements of this fascinating woman’s biography, from her troubled childhood throughout two World Wars and her life beyond. What makes this book different and special, at least to me, are the photographs. They are fascinating both in terms of Clementine and Winston’s lives and as illustrations of the lives of people who lived throughout the 1900s. The text and photos are perfect complements to one another and add to the depth of experience for the reader.

I am savoring this book as I read it. I highly recommend it and give it five stars.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this magnificent book.

#ClementineChurchill #NetGalley

Forthcoming I will have a review of Lady Clementine, a fictional account of Clementine’s life.  I seem to be reading lots on her but have no Clemmie fatigue.

The earlier biography by Ms. Purnell

Editorial Reviews


“An astute, pacey account of a woman who hardly ever emerged from the shadows. It is a sharp analysis of what it meant to be a politician’s wife. . . that shows how much we can learn about Winston Churchill from his wife and marriage.”The Wall Street Journal

“An acute and sympathetic biography which brings Clementine Churchill out of the shade into which her illustrious and domineering husband has cast her and shows how key she was to his success.  Sonia Purnell makes us ask how Clementine endured life with Winston, and provides the answers.” –Margaret MacMillan, author of Paris 1919 and The War that Ended Peace  “Thorough and engaging. . . Purnell’s extensive and insightful biography offers a much welcome portrait of Clementine Churchill, a woman whose remarkable life has long been overshadowed by her famous husband.” —Washington Post

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