Now out: The Big Book of Monsters by Hal Johnson

When my kids were little we used to read a Sesame Street book that started this way: “Follow the Monsters wherever they go, sometimes they’re fast, sometimes their slow…” This toddler book reminds me that kids are interested in monsters (Cookie and otherwise) from a young age. If you know a little monster who is interested in monsters, get them this book.

The author retells the stories of many monsters in a way that felt like hearing a story or fairy tale. Some of the many featured monsters are Apep (from Ancient Egypt), Beatrice Rappaccini (Hawthorne), Dorian Gray (Wilde), Frankenstein (Shelley), and The Weird Sisters (Shakespeare). Each entry includes additional facts including the category of monster, Base of Operations, Timing, Powers, Deeds, Fear Factor, Weakness, etc. There are additional sections that enlarge upon each monster’s tale; for example, in the Dracula section, one can read Dear Dracula and The Grisly Tale of Elizabeth Siddal.

This book is a wonderful compilation of monsters, their stories and more. It will be welcomed by those who like the weird and wonderful.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this (scary…not really but good) read. All opinions are my own.
#TheBigBookOfMonsters #NetGalley

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