Now out: The Little Women Cookbook Tempting Recipes from the March Sisters and Their Friends and Family by Wini Moranville; Louisa May Alcott

This cookbook is utterly charming! It pays tribute to Louisa May Alcott with quotes and background, including a very informative introductory essay. Food plays an important part in the novel as readers of the book know and as the author of this cookbook knows as well. There are so many fpasssages about food as the Little Women grow. There are Amy who has issues with her limes, Meg who has trouble with her jam, breakfasts given to those in greater need and much more. Reference to all are made and give the reader the opportunity to enjoy memories of reading Little Women.

The recipes themselves are easy to follow. They are organized into four chapters:

-Hannah’s Breakfasts

-Gatherings with Family and Friends

-March Family Dinners and Suppers and

-Sweet Treats, Desserts and Drinks

A few of the featured recipes include:

Buckwheat Pancakes, A better Omelet for Marmee and Milk Toast in the breakfast section.

Roast Beef Picnic Sandwiches, Jo’s Much Improved Corned Beef and Spice Trade DEviled Eggs in the Gatherings section and of course more as you move through the additional chapters. The recipes are clearly delineated and look easy enough for those who are not kitchen stars.

The illustrations throughout are delightful. They definitely enhance the text. There are also some photos, including one of the Orchards, the Alcott home.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cookbook both for the recipes and for the joy of browsing through the book itself. Last year, I read Little Women for the second time. It was more substantive than I had recalled. Read it while your food is cooking and while you wait for the newest version of the movie to be released this December. Enjoy!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this book in exchange for an honest review.

From the publisher:

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