A lovely book: Art Starts in the Heart: Creative projects and inspirational ideas for learning to make expressive, mindful art by Erin McManness

There is the phrase armchair traveler…I would like to highly recommend this title to both those who want to create art and those who want to look through a pleasing book, even without doing the projects, i.e.  armchair artists..

This book is full of everything a budding artist needs.  There are sections on tools and materials, lettering, creating beautiful projects and thinking about the messages that can be conveyed through art.

As the author states:

This book will help you:

Refine your own set of drawing technniques and hand lettering

Complete five art print projcts…

Explore and clarify the goals, dreams and moments in your life most importatnt o you through creative prompts

Expand your visual vocabulary by drawing ne things and taking risks

Enjoy the art making process and have fun.

I think that this book does all of that well.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the pubosher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#ArtStartsInTheHeart #NetGalley

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