Working together: The Perfect Project A Book about Autism by Tracy Packiam Alloway

It’s’ time for a science fair. Charlie, who has autism, is on a team with several other students. They choose to do their project on trains, a topic that Charlie knows well. How will their team fare ?

The story illustrates some of the ways in which autism is seen by others. For example, Charlie is literal, he can’t cope with loud noise, he knows a lot (!) about trains. These parts of the story do not receive undue attention but are presented in a matter of fact way. Charlie’s classmates do not tease him or give him a hard time. I am not sure that this is the experience of other children with autism but it definitely could be something to talk about.

This book is part of a series about children who have special education needs. The book includes suggestions for discussion, notes for parents and teachers and a section of tips for coping with autism,

This book was informative and it could be used to help children understand the needs of others. It might also be appealing to a child with autism as it normalizes the school experience.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read in exchange for an honest review.

#ThePerfectProject #NetGalley

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