For your inner artist: Inspired Artist: Draw Every Little Thing Learn to draw more than 100 everyday items, from food to fashion by Flora Waycott

This is an appealing book that will teach budding artists, including adults, how to draw more than 100 every day items. The author has a natural, chatty style as she describes the projects and how she became interested in each.

The book begins with general directions, a list of tools and materials, etc.  It is then divided into chapters including Around the House, Get Outside!, Everyday Life and Around Town.  There is also a final section on Crafting Projects. Each section has multiple ideas. For example, the section Around Town has two Creative Prompts:  one on Bicycles and one on Mailboxes.  There are then exercises that involve drawing a house, a cafe and a neighborhood map.  Each of the other chapters is similar in organization.  For all, there are detailed illustrated directions for drawing.

The book has a mix of color and black and white artwork.  The finished projects look lovely and, at times, whimsical.  Throughout, the book is inspiring and helpful.  Readers will see that, even if  not born an artist, you can learn to draw and enjoy creating your own works.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for htis read in exchange for an honest review.

#InspiredArtistDrawEveryLittleThing #NetGalley

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