An inspiring title: American Trailblazers 50 Remarkable People Who Shaped U.S. History by Lisa Trusiani

This book tells the stories of 50 outstanding Americans who can be excellent role models for children.  Some of those featured were well known to me including Louisa May Alcott, Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Doctor Seuss.  Others were new to me including S. Stillman Berry, a marine zoologist, or Claudette Colvin, a teen who did not give up a seat on the bus at an earlier date than Rosa Parks.  For each entry, even for those known to me, there were interesting facets of a life and facts that I did not already know.  Very helpful were the ways in which the author anticipated what a reader might want to know.  For example, in talking about Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge, a composer, pianist and art patron, the term chamber music is explained.  To further add to the readers’ experience, the author has a Tips For You section after each entry.  For example the entry on cartoonist Charles Adams suggest looking up his books of cartoons or drawing people you know and turning them into cartoon characters.

I recommend this book highly.  Both children and adults will learn a lot and be impressed by some outstanding Americans.  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#AmericanTrailblazers #NetGalley

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