Sir Tim is a Little Jealous by Judith Koppens

This is a nicely illustrated story that is designed to address an issue that children may often feel and to offer some ways to deal with it.  In this book, Sir Tim goes to the park with his best friend, only to feel left out when she plays with another child.  Sir Tim keeps trying to get her attention, hoping that she will admire him.  He continues in his exploits until he finally takes a fall from a tree.  At this point, Sara comes over, acknowledges how Tim feels and offers that she and Tim can play with other children together.

This book will work best if children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and the story.  For example, how did Tim feel?  What did  he do?  Did he have other choices?  Do you think that it was a good idea to climb the tree? Tim did not walk over to his friend; do you think that might have been a good idea?

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review.

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