An interesting and informative word list: The Ancient World in 100 Words Start conversations and spark inspiration by Clive Gifford

The author of this book packs a lot into his 100 words.  Five ancient civilizations are included, the Egyptians, Phoenicians, Minoans, Greeks and Romans  After a brief introduction and a time line, the reader moves right into the words. There are many that I knew and even more that I did not.  Even for terms familiar to me, there was often a new fact that I had not known.  This made the book interesting.  To give a few examples, there was everything from the Nile to Shabtis in the Egyptian section, purple for the Phoenicians, democracy to Hoplites for the Greeks, and Romulus to Insula for the Romans.  The illustrations were artistic and appealing, each done in just a few colors.

At the end of the book there is a map, glossary, index and find out more section.  This book is informative for both the children who are its audience and also for adults.  I love kids’ non-fiction.  There is always something to learn in an appealing way.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#TheAncientWorldIn100Words #NetGalley

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