Come to Sweden: Guiltless Sandhamn Murders, Book 3 by Viveca Sten

This series is from Sweden and is published in translation for American readers.  Very popular in its native country, there is a Swedish tv seriesas well.

This is the third novel.  There are six published in the U.S. and more will be coming.  The novels are atmospheric and have a strong sense of place. There are characters who are engaging and readers returning to the series will be interested in what has transpired for them since they were last met.

In Guiltless, a lot is going on although the story unfolds at a leisurely pace.  Protagonist Nora is making decisions about her marriage while her closest and platonic friend Thomas is looking again at his failed relationship.  A twenty year old girl has disappeared.  What happened to her and why form the heart of the narrative.

The story is told in two timelines.  One is current while the earlier one takes place in the 1920s.  They intersect over the course of the novel.  I found the parts set in the past to be incredibly painful to read, even to the point of wanting to skim them.  They are critical to the story but I wish that there had been fewer of these chapters.

A subtext of the book is what makes a good parent and what happens when parenting goes disastrously wrong.  These  wrongs can and do lead to long impacting generational issues.

I liked spending time with the series main characters and will certainly read further novels in the series.   However SPOILER ALERT:

The father in the historical sections was abused and is an abuser.  This is what I found quite painful to read.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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