Feel better at work: Mindfulness at Work Flourishing in The Workplace by Maria Arpa

Adults spend much of their time either at work or thinking about work.  No matter what the job or profession, people have feelings about their work, its setting, their co-workers, etc.  In this title, the author encourages readers to think openly about what happens for them at work and how they feel about it.  The author frames this exploration through mindfulness.  Readers are encouraged to take a non-judgmental approach and to listen to the voices inside.  They do this through a series of suggested activities and meditations.  I found it interesting that the author encouraged looking back to how attitudes were formed, for example, having readers think about their first educational experiences, how they were prepared and what it was like.

This book could be helpful to many.  If a reader is contemplating change, this title will help to explore it.  If a reader comes to feel that they can make their current work well for them this is encouraged as well.  In each instance, the author guides readers to do what they feel is best for them.

Many thanks for the publisher and NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest opinion.

#MindfulnessAtWork #NetGalley

From the Publisher

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