Make Math fun! Math Art and Drawing Games for Kids 40+ Fun Art Projects to Build Amazing Math Skills by Karyn Tripp

I once heard a Math teacher say, never tell your children that you can’t do or don’t like Math.  She went on to say that adults would not say that about reading.  Learning Math and enjoying the process is so important and builds skills for a lifetime.  In this book, the author takes on the challenge of making Math fun and challenging for kids as they learn.

Chapters include Math with Fine Artists including Paul Klee’s Geometric Mosaic and Jasper Johns’s Hidden Number Art; Art with Graphs & Grids, Numbers & Equations which features a Square Numbers Tower and Splash Patterns among others.  There is also Symmetry in Art including for example Mandala Drawing and Rose Window Stained Glass and Cultural Math with Native American Quilt Art and an Ancient Cretan Labyrinth.  Finally, there is Edible Math Art including Pattern Block Cooks, Stained Glass Gelatin Art and more.

The author notes that she did not love Math as a child.  When she began homeschooling her children and heard similar sentiments, she began to move Math away from worksheets to activities.  Using these more fun approaches, the author teaches math concepts including addition, subtraction, algebra, geometry and more.

This book is a terrific adjunct resource for parents and teachers.  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

From the publisher:

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