Quiz time: Ultimate Trivia, Volume 1 800 + Fun and Challenging Trivia Questions by Donna Hoke

Are you a person who watches Jeopardy?  Do you like to challenge your knowledge of facts either alone or as part of a team?  Are you looking for a fun activity for New Year’s Eve or the New Year?  However you choose to play, this book is fun and entertaining.  Questions are divided by topic and test a person’s knowledge base.  Below, a couple of examples.

Topic:  19 and 20 Century Painters:

In May 2-10, Meules sold for more thatn $110 million, the most ever commanded by an Impressionist painting.  Who Painted this masterpiece?

a.  Edouard Manet  b.Claude Monet  c. Edgar Degas or d. Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky is often considered the first important painter o

a. Oprhism b. modern abstract art c. Futurism or d. Synchronism

Topic: Food and Drink-Regional favorites:

Some say that if you want a cheesesteak, you have to go to the source-this Pennsylvanian city.

This region is where white clam chowder comes from.

This dish of French fries, gravy and cheese has migrated to the United States from Canada.

If this has tempted you, you will most definitely enjoy this book.

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review.



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