For those who like bread: Everyday Bread Baking From Simple Sandwich Loaves to Celebratory Holiday Breads by Jenny Prior

I confess that I have never baked bread but this book makes me think that it would be fun to try.  After all, there is really  no smell as wonderful as that of freshly baked, warm bread.

This cookbook’s author tries to lay things out clearly.  After an introduction there is a chapter about the process of baking bread at home.  This is followed by “Master Recipes” and then chapters on breads for everyday, special occasions and holidays.  The master recipes are for things like flat bread and whole wheat bread.  Everyday breads includes cinnamon raisin swirl bread, pita and naan among others, while entertaining has cinnamon rolls, fougasse, soft pretzels and more.  The final section details how to make pumpkin rolls and a cinnamon wreath bread among others.

This book is packed with information on making bread. There are also helpful photos of the process.  Many terms are defined, equipment is listed, there are errors to avoid and more.  I found this be an informative book but at the end, I was not sure if I would be confident enough to go ahead.  I hope that you might be though!

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#EverydayBreadBaking #NetGalley

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