Just out: 30-Second Literature The 50 most important forms, genres and styles, each explained in half a minute by Ella Berthoud

Whether you were an English major or not, you may find this short book to be an excellent resource on all things literary. Some of the concepts covered are the oral tradition, early modern literature, the ballad, satire and so much more.

The author notes that “Through literature, as readers we gain insight into worlds we could never have dreamt of…” She also notes that literature connects us to each other. True readers know just how true this is and how amazing literature can be. This book will enhance readers understanding of many things literary.
The authors ambitious plan is to briefly reflect on the novel, literary prose, poetry, drama, literary devices and literary styles. You will know what a Gutenberg parenthesis is and way vorticism mean as you read and these are only two of the many included definitions. Review your favorite kinds of fiction from historical novels to fantasy, with everything in between.
I recommend this cleverly illustrated and written volume. I feel like I already know more than I did before I opened this book.

‘Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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