Now out: Paradise on the Hudson The Creation, Loss, and Revival of a Great American Garden by Caroline Seebohm

I have been lucky enough to visit the Untermyer gardens. They are truly beautiful. So, I was very excited to see this book about this speical place and the vision behind it.

The Untermyer Gardens were created by Samuel Untermeyer. I discovered that he was a very interesting individual. Mr. U was a progressive thinker who supported women’s suffrage. Untermyer was Jewish and the founder of the first Jewish law firm in New York; his firm was very successful. Mr. U’s wife was Christian ; she was a lover of art and music who helped bring Gustav Mahler to New York.

The reader learns that Mr. U wanted to create a beautiful space for all to enjoy. The inspiration for the landscaping was the Garden of Eden. The completed garden was enjoyed by many but fell into disrepair in the period of Mr. U’s death. How it was brought back to life is one of the subjects explored in this comprehensive volume that is filled with gorgeous photos.

I really enjoyed this book and will look for it when it comes out in the true book version.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read in exchange for an honest review.

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