Recently published: The Little Gardener Helping Children Connect with the Natural World by Julie Cerny

Children spend a lot of time indoors. They are in school, they have after school activities and of course, when at home, they may enjoy indoor activities, spending time in front of screens. This book will help to get children outdoors, a place that they need to be and enjoy with an activity that does not involve competitive sports.

With the help of this book, children will conceive a garden and work on bringing it to fruition. They will imagine what they want to see, build it and make things grow. What could be better!

The author of this book cares about the outdoors, children and the growth that takes place in gardens. Her investment is clear in this book. She encourages adults and children to imagine a space and see it come to life over time. She knows that time spent in a garden is time well spent.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this title in exchange for an honest review.

“This informative and helpful primer will help grown-up gardeners inculcate a lifelong love of the natural world in young minds.”

—Publishers Weekly


From the publisher:

a woman and three children garden and discuss pepper plants

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