Recently published: Mindful Thoughts for Mothers A journey of loving-awareness by Riga Forbes

Of all people, parents may benefit from practicing mindfulness (if only they can make the time). There are so many stresses and challenges that come with being a mom that stepping back for a moment can be incredibly helpful. This book aims to help with that. Some of the topics covered include love, the first few months, mothering together, tantrums, impermanence, the daily grind, challenges and acceptance, gratitude, , teenagers and the journey onwards, among others. This book offers gentle advice to mothers. Maybe this title will help you or a mom that you know.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

From the publisher:

The First Few Months

The First Few Months

Nothing can really prepare us for becoming a mother to a newborn baby, except perhaps living with or supporting someone else who is doing just that. Even then, we wouldn’t experientially know what it is to be recovering from childbirth, experiencing hormonal changes and possibly learning to breastfeed while adjusting to this new parental role. It is full-on and most new parents’ lives are quite literally turned upside down by it. Night merges into day and day into night. The jumbling effect of sleep deprivation can make us feel spaced-out and utterly exhausted and can compound the already heightened emotions of our hormonal interior.

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