Be in on it: Secrets of Meditation by Kim Davies

If you already practice mindfulness or meditation, you may find that it is helping you during these trying times.  If you would like to see if these practices can offer solace, this is a good time to investigate.  Whichever person you may be, I recommend taking a look at this title.

The author notes the long history of meditation and some of its more modern evolutions.  All are designed to facilitate regulating one’s mind and developing awareness.  They also place one firmly in the moment, rather than spending time in the past or future, which have either happened or we do not yet know.

There is a lot of information inside this book, all of it presented clearly.  The majority of the practices are for adults but a section on children is also included. .  The illustrations and photographs will help readers to see how to perform their meditation and work on their practice. Choose a practice that might work for you; one of my personal favorites was the chocolate bar meditation; another was one for washing dishes.

The author seems like an ideal guide for those exploring mindfulness.  She helps readers to think about why they want to practice, how they might practice and where.  Common obstacles are also given attention.  The importance of self-kindeness is emphasized.

All in all, I found this to be an excellent title.  Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this read.  All opinions are my own.

#SecretsofMeditation #NetGalley

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