Shiver me timbers: Pirate Adventure by Lily Murray

This is an absolutely adorable book that is geared toward children in grades K to 2. It is charmingly and amusingly illustrated throughout.
This is a book that encourages children to make choices. For example, children are invited to embark on their adventure…which hero would they like to be? It could be a toddler, a skeleton, a chimney sweep, a goat or there are many others to choose from. Readers then select their clothing, where they will go, what three items they will most need and so the book continues on with choices until the very end.
This title is an update of the choose your own adventure books. It will appeal to little readers and would be a wonderful book to sit down and enjoy with a child that you know.
Especially now when we are stuck at home, give a child you know the gift of adventure. I think that you will both enjoy it.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.]

Pub date:  April 7, 2020

#PirateAdventure #NetGalley


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