Comfort reads by Susan Wiggs

Summer at Willow Lake (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 1)The Winter Lodge (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 2)Dockside: A Romance Novel (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 3)Fireside (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 5)

The Summer Hideaway (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 7)Marrying Daisy Bellamy: Lakeshore Chronicles Book 8 (The Lakeshore Chronicles)Return to Willow Lake: Lakeshore Chronicles Book 9 (The Lakeshore Chronicles)Candlelight Christmas (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 10)Starlight on Willow Lake (The Lakeshore Chronicles Book 11)Would you like to escape your present circumstances and read a long series of novels with interrelated characters?  Would you like to read stories that are interesting, nice and set in a lovely locale?  If yes, I highly recommend this series.  I found each entry to be absorbing but not too demanding, just what I think that this time calls for.

On the first book, which by the way is just $1.99.

On the first novel:

From Publishers Weekly

The latest contemporary from Wiggs (Table for Five) is a quiet, character-based romance set at the Catskills camp that Olivia Bellamy is renovating for her grandparents’ 50th anniversary. Helping out is contractor Connor Davis, who initially doesn’t recognize Olivia as the girl whose heart he broke a decade before at the very same camp. Now, both hold grudges against the other that hide their insecurities; although he’s become successful and sophisticated, Connor believes Olivia’s social status puts her out of his league, while Olivia remains buried in her awkward-little-fat-girl memories. The narrative switches off between present-day action and the summers Olivia and Connor spent at Camp Kioga, filling in the spaces of their relationship with each other and with their dysfunctional families. Wiggs’s storytelling is heartwarming, but avoids schmaltz, and her chick-lit–ready leads seem older than their 20-some years, adding weight to their stories. Happily clutter free—no subplots to take attention away from the intelligent, appealing couple—this book, first in a series, should appeal to romance and women’s fiction readers of any age. (Aug.)
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