Recently published: Learn to Sleep Well Exercises and Advice for a Deep and Restful Sleep by Chris Idzikowski

Oh, how I would love to sleep better! If the same is true for you, spend a little time with this title; I think that it may help you.

This book is divided into sections covering Sleep in Perspective, Patterns of Sleep, The Sleep Environment, The Sleeping Body, A Mind for Sleep, and Overcoming Sleep Problems. Each section includes many short subsections that seemed quite informative.
The book also includes a number of exercises to help further your sleep goals. Some utilize mindfulness techniques; others require things like making a sleep diary. There are also many suggestions as for example, what kind of bed might be best for an individual.
This title is comprehensive. It may well restate some things that you already know such as the impact of alcohol and caffeine on sleep but there is also much that was new. Throughout the book is calmly illustrated.
I recommend Learn to Sleep Well if you would like to think more about your sleep patterns and are on a quest to wake up each day feeling better.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this titile in exchange for an honest review.

#LearntoSleepWell #NetGalley

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