Was there ever a better time: Positive Thinking: A 52-Week Journal of Profound Prompts, Inspiring Quotes, and Bold Affirmations

This could definitely be the right book for the right time.  Has there ever been a time that called out more for positive thinking?  Was there ever a time when we were more likely to be sitting at home and have the time to write in a journal?

The author’s goal is to help readers to think and feel more positively.  There are entries that cover a full 52 weeks of writing activities.  These include creative prompts, spaces for mindful journal writing and, what the author calls, expressive sessions.

The first entry invites writing about oneself and then looking at what was written with perspective.  A few other entries…one week encourages writing down the names of people one loves and encouraging letting them know, another encourages discovering what is seen around oneself and describing it as if for the first time; a third example is to write about one’s bad habits and how they might be changed.

If this kind of reflection and writing appeals to you, this book is an excellent resource.  Many thanks to the publisher Callisto for this title in exchange for an honest review.

Pub date: April 28, 2020

From the publisher:

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