Again, murder in (otherwise) idyllic Sandhamn: In the Shadow of Power Sandhamn Murders, Book 7 by Viveca Sten

This title is another entry in what I feel is an under publicized Scandinavian mystery series. Sten writes relatively long novels which I enjoy as I know that I will get to read each book for a while.
In this novel, readers old and new will enjoy spending time with police officer, Thomas, and lawyer, Nora, as they again become embroiled in a case with murder and complexity. The story is about Carsten Jonnson, his family and his business associates. Carsten, in the beginning of the novel, is one of those titans who has a lot of money and believes that this pretty much lets him do what he likes. This includes building a large summer home on Sandhamn. But, of course, being a mystery series a number of bad things will happen. The suspense builds right up until the end.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book in exchange for an honest review. I recommend this series. The titles are attractively priced and the setting, characters and stories are all interesting.

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