Can it be simple? Easy Marriage Counseling 52 Self-Guided Exercises to Deepen Your Relationship by Emelie A. Blank, MA, LMFT, LPC

So many of the books that I have been reviewing seem relevant to our current circumstances. At this moment spouses may be spending more time together than usual and tensions may arise in just about any relationship. While this book was not written with covid in mind, it does seem like a very good resource for now.
The author is a trained clinician who offers this book to couples. Professionals may also find it to be helpful in their work with clients. The book is well organized. Each of the 52 chapters begins with a short vignette about a couple. Following this an activity of some kind is offered. For instance, there is a chapter on self care. This includes many helpful suggestions of ways to care for oneself. Following these ideas, the author offers discussion questions for partners to chat about.
If couples are in serious, unrelenting difficulty it may be risky to try to treat oneself although, with respectful interaction, this book might still be a resource. For those who wish for a better relationship and better communication this title looks quite helpful.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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From the publisher:

One of many engaging exercises:

Answer these questions with your partner. Examine your traditions for holidays and discuss new traditions you may want to create.

  1. What were your family’s traditions for the holiday season? Be specific. What did it look like? What did you do together? How much time did you spend with family? Did you have any important traditions or rituals, like foods, activities or tasks, or family outings?
  2. Is there any overlap in the ways you and your partner celebrated holidays? What are the differences?
  3. What feels refreshing about how your partner celebrates holidays? What makes you nervous?
  4. What traditions are important for you to carry on in your family, and what new traditions do you want to establish?
  5. If you have or plan to have kids, what do you want them to experience from the holidays?

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