Mangia: The Easy Italian Cookbook 100 Quick and Authentic Recipes by Paulette Licitra

Right now I am very much enjoying exploring cookbooks. Since it is not possible to travel or go out to eat, I love having other ways to think about (and make) good food. This cookbook which features 100 Italian recipes is a delight. If the photos don’t make you salivate, I will be surprised.
Start with an Aperol Spritz, move on to crispy artichoke hearts with aioli dip and then have some tortellini in brodo with spinach or maybe a panzanella salad with cucumbers. A few of the other recipes include spaghetti cupcake frittatas, lemony risotto with asparagus or pasta with 30 minute meat sauce, and of course, pizza. Then after fish or poultry or other proteins, don’t forget desserts including raspberry mascarpone mini hand pies and Sicilian almost orange cookies among others.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this culinary treat. All opinions are my own.

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