Now Out: Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror by Natasha Farrant

I was drawn to this book’s appealing cover and its promise of interesting tales inside. Indeed, readers will enjoy eight stories about modern, bold young princesses along with beautiful illustrations. Plus, there is a magic mirror; all in all a fun read and a Guardian book of 2019.

The author draws readers in in the first short chapter of the book that is written in a familiar fairy tale style. In it, an enchantress is asked to be a godmother and realizes that she needs to figure out the best attributes for a princess. The answers she receives do not seem adequate so, with the help of a magic mirror, she goes on a quest to learn more and the stories begin…
In the first, a princess’s sister is ill. Though the palace is filled with knights, none are willing or brave enough to seek the witch who might provide a cure. So instead, a princess who needs to tie her glasses on with string, is the one to go on a quest. What will happen? Feminist adults will enjoy what does and the encouragement that is given to a girl to be strong and to believe.

So it goes from there for the rest of the tales until the final one in which a building project is successfully scuppered in order to save a garden. Throughout all of the stories the mirror is a constant as the reader learns about the qualities that a princess requires.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this fun and empowering take on the fairly tale in exchange for an honest review.

#EightPrincessesandaMagicMirror #NetGalley

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