The Story of Alexander Hamilton: A Biography Book for New Readers (The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) by Christine Platt MA

The Story of Alexander Hamilton: A Biography Book for New Readers (The Story Of: A Biography Series for New Readers) by [Christine Platt MA]This title is part of a series of biographies for elementary school aged students.  It is a book with short chapters and many illustrations.  In addition, there are many sections to enhance a reader’s experience including “Jump in the Think Tank” with questions to consider, myth and fact sections, maps, timelines, a vocabulary list and a quiz.  All of these will reinforce learning.

Alexander Hamilton may well be known to kids because of Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical.  This awareness may entice them to want to learn more about this highly accomplished man.  Readers will discover that Hamilton faced tragedies, was an immigrant to the U.S., was antislavery and played pivotal roles during the Revolutionary War and after.  He also died as the result of practices during the times in which he lived.

This book could easily have a place in classrooms or could be enjoyed at home.  Even adults may learn some things about Hamilton that they did not already know.

Many thanks to the publisher, Callisto, for this title in exchange for an honest review.

From the publisher:

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Alexander believed he was born to lead

Though Alexander grew up on a small island in difficult conditions, he knew he would do great things. He loved writing and learning as much as he could. In 1773, Alexander arrived in New York City to go to King’s College, where he became known as a gifted speaker and writer. His writings and public speeches about the American revolt against England made many people want to help America gain independence.

He became an advisor to George Washington

Senior officers in the American army saw that people listened to Alexander. Because of this, several officers wanted him to be their personal assistant. One very important person was also watching Alexander: General George Washington, who asked Alexander to advise him. It was such a great opportunity that Alexander agreed to it. Together, they helped win the American Revolution.

Alexander earned his role as a Founding Father

Alexander was chosen to be part of the new government of the now independent nation. New York City was the first capital of the United States. There, George Washington became the nation’s first president on April 30, 1789. Alexander was asked to be secretary of the treasury, whose job it was to set up America’s money systems. The rest was history!

America wouldn’t be the same today without Alexander

From the work he did during the Revolutionary War to setting up the nation’s first bank and currency, Alexander helped make America the strong country it is today. He dedicated his life to leading and fighting for what he believed in.

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