Recently published: Cozy Case FilesThe title says it all.

The title says it all. Here are excerpts from upcoming books. So many good reads to sample here…and, of course, you can buy the books as they are published.
Each entry begins with an introduction to the story and is followed by a generous excerpt. For example, first up is Carolyn Haines and her detective, Sara Booth Delaney. I have read and enjoyed many titles in this series featuring Sara and the group around her which even includes a “haint” named Jitty.
Some of the other books I already am familiar with thanks to NetGalley. I enjoyed Hannah Dennison’s book that is set on the Scilly Isles. On my TBR pile are The Devil’s Bones and The Secrets of Bones. Other titles have also captured my interest. I very much want to read Allison Montclair’s new novel after last year’s debut of her marriage bureau sleuths. Similarly The Fate of a Flapper intrigues me as I have the first in that series.
If you are a cozy reader or want to try cozies in our current stressful climate, sample a title or two hear to decide if you would enjoy the book. You well may.
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review

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