Take a sip…Coffee by Dinah Lenney

My days start out with one of my favorite activities, sipping coffee and reading. For me, coffee is a favorite beverage in all its many drink forms from iced to brewed to lattes and more. So, I was intrigued to find this title which is part of a series on everyday items.
The book opens with a quote from Virginia Woolf that lets readers know that her time with her coffee cup was welcome. It goes on to share the author’s experience with this beverage.
Ms. Lenney clearly enjoys her brew. She opens the book taking readers on her morning coffee preparation routine. It is clear that this ritual matters to her. This title goes on in a very chatty and personal style to make clear the important role of this drink.
I enjoyed spending time with Ms. Lenney as her thoughts went here and there on the topic of coffee in general, her coffee, her family and more. I am not sure that this title is for everyone but i definitely enjoyed it…while I drank my coffee!
Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#Coffee #NetGalley

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