This is important: The Woman’s Hour (Adapted for Young Readers) Our Fight for the Right to Vote by Elaine Weiss

The right to vote is one of the most important cornerstones of a democracy; right now voting feels so critical to the future of the U.S.  But…children may need to be reminded that this right is not one to take for granted and that it came to be only after many struggles.  In fact, they might be surprised to learn that women were not given the right to vote until 1920, long after the country came into being.  As is obvious, this year is the 100th anniversary of the enfranchisement of women and an ideal time to learn about and reflect on this critical right and responsibility.

In this illustrated chapter book, the story of women’s suffrage is told   The work of three generations of women, men and those of many backgrounds to change opinions and win this campaign, is described with its many ups and downs.  Readers will meet the many important women who fought this fight including Carrie Chapman Catt, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and others.  They will see this struggle put into context with issues of prejudice that were very much present in the country.

In addition to the main text, there are many pages that describe terms that readers may not be fully familiar with, as for example, how congress works or what the term constituent means.  These will enhance the learning of the book’s audience.

This title should be in school libraries and in the homes of families.  It details such an important movement in America.  Hopefully readers will walk away with a sense of the importance and privilege of casting a ballot.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

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