Get to know them: The Moonglow Sisters A Novel by Lori Wilde

How did they become The Moonglow Sisters?  It was the name given to three young girls.  Orphaned, they went to live with their Grammy and got their nickname because these sisters spent a lot of time together.

Who are they as adults?  There is Shelley who has been embracing a lifestyle of yoga and gurus and who feels like a failure. Then there is Madison.  She is ultra successful with her own lifestyle tv show and past hurts and grudges.  The third of the sisters is Gia, a peacemaker and owner of a bespoke kite shop.

The plot:  When their grandmother becomes ill, the three sisters are together again.  They will be reminded of Madison’s broken wedding and will watch as another sister (unbeknownst to them) feign an engagement.  They will try to save their grandmother’s bed and breakfast and pray for her recovery.  The chapters will be held together with quilting terminology as they try to get along for long enough to complete the quilt.

Verdict:  This is an easy to read women’s fiction title.  I recommend it for those of you who would like a bit of escape, although not everything is fluffy in the world of these characters.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title in exchange for an honest review.

#TheMoonglowSisters #NetGalley

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